About Andy Black Associates.  ABA was founded in 2014 by Andy Black, a digital technology and social media specialist, and Mark Millmore, an award-winning website designer and software developer.

As we all watch the digital revolution engulfing large organisations, it is clear that new platforms, tools, training and engagement strategies could help government departments and SME’s step up and take advantage of this disruption.

We provide an affordable way for UK government and SME’s to achieve digital transformation. It enables agile and innovative organisations to open up new markets and grow. It also provides the key to competing at a higher level – and displacing larger, but slower, rivals.

about andy black associates
ABA can help you open an online shop and generate additional revenue using ecommerce, social media and digital marketing

Over the last year our team has grown to include experts in business communication, training, content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, PR, intelligence, cyber security and video. We operate as a virtual company and communicate using collaborative technology.

In February 2016 we were awarded a place on the Digital Marketplace agreement of the Crown Commercial Service for the supply of “specialist digital services” to UK government – the services include digital skills training, digital marketing, WordPress website design, SOCMINT, communication campaigns consultancy and social media management.

In May 2017 we were awarded a place on the G-Cloud 9 framework for the supply of cloud hosting and services to UK government.  In June 2018 our contract was extended into the G-Cloud 10 framework. ABA already hosts and provides services for .gov websites via our work with local government. Watch Mark Millmore describe how we help local government with digital transformation.

Our mission is to help UK government & SME’s succeed in the digital economy

About Andy Black Associates. We offer the following services for the sales, marketing, and PR and communications teams of UK government & SME’s:

Our services can be supplied individually, as modules or as entire packages. We believe in working fast to maximise every opportunity now and in the future. Consequently, our primary services, the WordPress website and the Digital Transformation Platform with full team training and adoption can be delivered in four weeks.

We enjoy working with UK government and SME’s.

Your success is our success.

about andy black associates

About Andy Black Associates